About us

Foster-SF.org is a website of the City and County of San Francisco Human Services Agency (HSA) that helps streamline how we recruit and certify foster parents.

What we do

The HSA Family and Children’s Services (FCS) division provides child welfare services focused on the safety, permanency, and well-being of children, youth, and families. FCS also responds to reports of child abuse and neglect in San Francisco County.

As part of our child welfare mandate, FCS recruits, evaluates, and approves San Francisco residents who are interested in becoming foster families. Once approved, a foster family can rely on FCS’s ongoing support for their foster child’s education, medical, and mental health services. Our goal for all foster youth is reunification with their families whenever possible. When it is not, we help explore and coordinate their adoption. We work closely with partners who provide adoption and mentoring services.

Partnering with the Binti software company

FCS turned to Binti for ways to dramatically increase both the number of San Francisco foster families and the efficiency of their certification process. Thanks to Binti, Foster-SF.org provides the user-friendly, online tools that significantly shorten the certification process by reducing the mountains of paper work traditionally associated with foster care.