Become a foster parent in San Francisco

Provide the home that makes lasting changes in a foster child’s life

Why become a San Francisco foster family

Most foster children are in the process of reunification with their families. That process that can take from a few weeks to many years. For most children, even a day without a loving and supportive family can feel like an eternity.

The challenges are even greater for San Francisco’s foster kids. Due to a shortage of foster families in the City, too many of our foster kids get placed in other counties. This separates them from their relatives, friends, and school.

When you become a foster parent in San Francisco, you allow a child to maintain those connections while building positive new ones. By providing a safe and stable home, you’ll see your foster child learn, trust, and grow in extraordinary ways.

We’re here to help at every step

Here at the San Francisco Human Services Agency (HSA), we’re ready to answer all your questions and assist you at all stages of the foster care process.

Eligibility: We welcome all qualified applicants including women and men, LGBTQ+, couples, singles, people from all ethnicities and backgrounds, and older adults.

Costs: HSA’s certification process is free and can be completed mostly online.

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Attend an orientation

During the Shelter in Place, orientations are being conducted through individual phone calls. These one-on-one phone calls are available to respond to any questions you may have or give you additional information. If you are interested in an initial orientation call, please email:

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