Dear Resource Families and Applicants,

Human Services Agency / Family and Children’s Services – Resource Family Program would like to let you know that we are still here working and committed to supporting the children, youth and families that we serve. We also want to thank you for your continued support – you are a very important part of the work that we do!

Please explore the list below of resources and information that will be useful for the San Francisco Bay Area. We also know that some of you live in counties spread throughout the State of California, in which case please contact your RFA Worker or the RFA Caregiver Liaison for assistance in accessing resources in the area in which you live.

  1. Letter from Sophia Isom, Program Director
  2. Letter from FCS Nursing Unit (EnglishSpanish)
  3. San Francisco RFA Directory
  4. San Francisco County Coronavirus official webpage
  5. San Francisco Human Services Agency – Coronavirus Updates
  6. San Francisco Department of Public Health – COVID-19
  7. Outreach toolkit for Coronavirus (COVID-19)
  8. Educational Resources
    1. iFoster is currently offering technology access to foster youth ages 13-24, which include: free, unlimited high-speed data hotspots, headsets, and laptops to assist in taking online classes. For additional information on the resources that they have, call or email iFoster at: 1-855-936-7837 or, or visit their website at
    2. San Francisco Unified School District Student and Family Learning Resources
    3. MIND Research Institute is offering no cost access to a free math instructional program for students in grades K-8.
    4. Scholastic is offering free, online learning experiences for kids of all ages.
    5. Amazing Educational Resources has compiled a comprehensive list of education companies offering free subscriptions due to school closings.
  9. Internet Services during COVID-19 Crisis
    1. SONIC
    2. Comcast
  10. Free Meals
    1. San Francisco Unified School District 
    2. San Francisco Office of Economic & Workforce Development 
  11. Summer Camps and Care
    1. Summer Camps and Child Care
    2. Guidance for Summer Camps and Child Care this Summer