Silvia Aguilar

My name is Silvia Aguilar and I am a Resource Family Mentor for Spanish-speaking Resource Families in SF. I was born in Jalisco, Mexico and have been living in SF for the last 46 years. I became a Resource Parent because I always wanted a big family. However, my husband and I were only able to have two biological children. After hearing a radio advertisement about foster care, my daughter and I happened to meet a foster parent while getting our nails done together. I soon went to an orientation where my daughter, age 16, helped interpret for me.

I have now been a Foster/Resource Parent for 27 years and have adopted two children with my husband. I strive to provide as much care and affection as I can to the children in my home and love watching them grow and heal emotionally. I practice self-care by listening to music, walking on the beach, doing yoga and occasionally taking myself shopping for something special.

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